What a day!

Matt Padgette, Scott Kessler and myself (Brad Walker) decided to go to the Tellico region for a day of fishing. It had been raining for nearly a week, and was drizzling that day, so we decided that the higher elevation tributaries would be our best bet. We headed to Sycamore Creek, and fished (in the rain) from 8:00-12:00. We had caught 40 fish between us, and decided to head back to Green Cove to get some sandwiches, then head up the North River to fish it's headwaters.

On the way up North River Rd., half-eaten lunches still in our lap, 3 trucks came around the bend (at a rapid rate of travel) about 200 yards in front of us. I eased my truck over to "the very edge" of the gravel road, in an attempt to politely let them pass (and avoid collision). I was nearly to a complete stop when I felt the rear-end of the truck "give," and could tell we were going over....about 1-2 feet of the shoulder simply crumbled away! Because we were eating, NONE of us had our seat belts on, so I yelled "We're GOING OVER--- WHOOO -HOOOO" as we rolled over the cliff! Fortunately, other than a few glass-cuts and bruises, nobody was seriously injured.

The moral of the story: When traveling the one-lane forestry roads, down-hill traffic yields to up-hill traffic: ESPECIALLY WHEN THE UP-HILL "LANE" IS ON THE OUTSIDE EDGE! Being "polite" may cost you a 4Runner!

Tight Lines & Put-Em-Back! -

Brad (Psycho Fisher)