Flyfishing the Crystal Coast

by Jeff Wilkins of
(336) 274-3581
401 State Street
Greensboro, NC 27408


I. The Area

Morehead City - Beaufort - Harkerís Island - Cape Lookout - Cedar Island - Ocracoke

II. Fishing Areas

A. North River

B. Ward Creek

C. "The Straits"

D. Harkerís Island

E. Cape Lookout/Cape Lookout Bight

F. Jarrett Bay/Williston Creek/Smyrna Creek

G. Cedar Island

H. Ocracoke

I. Fort Macon/Shackleford Point

III. The Species

IV. Things to Look For

A. Fish Attracting/Bait Attracting Structure

-gravel/shell bars, oyster bars, pilings, ledges/drop-offs, rip currents, rock jetties, buoys, grass, rubble, etc.


V. Equipment

A.Books (linked to for purchase online)

B. Rods

C. Reels

D. Lines

E. The Fly Box

VI. Accommodations & Guides


There are currently a number of guides who are working on this part of the coast. Although the false albacore season gets the most attention, there are numerous possibilities from April through December. To get the best dates/fishing, remember to book early for this area is receiving a lot of attention regionally and nationally.


Calico Jack's
Donny and Rose Hatcher
Harker's Island, NC 28531
(252) 78-3575

Coastal Adventures Guide Service
Capt. Bryan DeHart
(919) 473-1575

"Last Cast"
Capt. Rob Pasfield
Harker's Island, NC 28531
(252) 504-3823

Down East Guide Service
Capt. George Beckwith, Jr.
(252) 249-3101

Capt. Gordon Churchill
(919) 552-6759

Cape Lookout Flyfishing & Lt. Tackle Charters
Capt. Dave Dietzler
(252) 240-2850

Capt. Sam Sellers
P.O. Box 278
Harker's Island, NC 28531
(252) 728-3735

Cool Change Charters
Capt. Bobby Moore
Harker's Island, NC
(252) 728-4688
e-mail c/


Perhaps the best map available for fishing on our coast is offered by ADC of Alexandria, Virginia. The ADC Chartbook of North Carolina is a book complete with sportsfishing and boating maps, and can be obtained online or by calling (703) 451-3926


In and around the area you will find numerous motels and marinas, but those listed below are conveniently located near the majority of the better fishing areas. Also, by dealing with theses people you can get up to the minute information regarding the conditions, how the fishing has been over the past few days, and what you might expect from your day on the water.

Calico Jack's Inn & Marina, Inc.
Motel*Marina*Ferry to the Cape
Harker's Island, NC 28531
Donny and Rose Hatcher
(252) 728-3575

These folks are a pleasure to deal with and will make for an enjoyable visit even if the fishing is slow. For those who do not have a boat, the 10 minute ferry to the cape will provide access to some fantastic fishing opportunities.

It's nice to know that there are still a few places tat truly understand the concept of customer service. This is surly one of them!!!


Fisherman's Inn
Bill Brewer
(800) 347-4571

Harker's Island Fishing Ctr. and Motel
(252) 728-3907

Driftwood Motel
Restaurant & Campground
Cedar Island
(252) 225-4861


Harborside Motel (919) 928-3111

Silver Lake Motel (919) 928-5721

Pony Island Motel (919) 928-4411

Ferry Service
Ocracoke & Hatteras Island
via Cedar Island

Cedar Island - Ocracoke Toll Ferry
(252) 225-3551

Ocracoke - Cedar Island Toll Ferry
(919) 928-3841

Ocracoke - Hatteras Toll Ferry
(919) 928-3841


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January, 16 1999