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Fly Tying Made Clear and Simple with... Skip Morris

VHS - 2 hours

Clear and easy instruction on tying basic and effective fly patterns. Great for beginners and those wanting to improve skills.


Hooked On Fly Tying, HDT5 Learning toTie Flies Step 1
by Dick Talleur


Learn to tye effective nymphs and dry flies, a great introduction to fly tying from the Hooked on Fly Tying Series.

Hooked On Fly Tying, HDT1 Classic Dry Flies 1
with Dick Talleur


Learn to tye the classic dry fly pattern in a clear and easy to follow video !


Southeastern Trout Streams
Author Harry Slone presents the very speciall pleasures of flyfishing colorful southern mountain streams.

Joan Wulff's Dynamics of Fly Casting


This 90-minute video is the culmination of Joan's 60 year career as a champion fly caster, teacher, and fisherman.


Successful Fly Fishing Strategies Volumes 1 & 2 VHS
Starring: Gary LaFontaine, Dick Sharon, et al.
Director: Jeff Pill

Watching these videos is like spending days being personally guided by two of the most experienced guides in the sport.

Hooked On Fly Fishing, FFB Fly Fishing Basics - Beginners Guide


From equipment to knots to casting and fly selection its all here for the beginner! Get it right with Jim Watt


Hooked On Fly Fishing, BB Beyond the Basics with Bill Marts VHS

Beyond The Basics picks up where Fly Fishing Basics, A Beginner's Guide left off