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Caddisflies by Gary Lafontaine

Hardcover - 240 pages (1994)

A Classic! The caddis is an important food source for trout. Understanding this insect will lead to great success on the stream.


Aquatic Entomology by W. Patrick McCafferty

Textbook Binding

Although some classification is out of date this book is a standard reference. Good drawings and identification charts.


Mayflies : An Angler's Study of Trout Water Ephemeroptera
by Malcolm Knopp, Robert Cormier (Illustrator)

Hardcover - 384 pages (October 1997)

The new standard! A great work!


Overview and Strategies of Ephemeroptera and Plecoptera
by J. Alba-Tercedor, A. Sanchez-Ortega (Editor)



An Angler's Guide to Aquatic Insects and Their Imitations for All North America by Rick Hafele, Scott Roederer, Richard Bunse (Illustrator)

Paperback - 182 pages Revised edition (July 1995)


The Caddisfly Handbook : An Orvis Guide by Dick Pobst, Carl Richards

A great streamside guide to this important trout stream insect. Patterns and fishing techniques enable successful hookups.


Trout Stream Insects : An Orvis Streamside Guide by Dick Pobst

Paperback - 182 pages Revised edition (July 1995)


Hatches II : Twentieth Anniversary Edition by Al Caucci, Bob Nastasi (Contributor)

Hardcover - 280 pages 20 Anniv edition (March 1995)

This is a complete guide to Mayfly Hatches of North America.


Art Flick's New Streamside Guide by Art Flick

Paperback - 96 pages Reprint edition (June 1988)

Lots of information on New York hatches! Very handy for stream side identification!


Dictionary of Word Roots and Combining Forms by Donald J. Borror

Hardcover - 280 pages 20 Anniv edition (March 1995)

Helpful in reading and understanding all those Latin bug names!



Complete Book of Western Hatches : An Angler's Entomology and Fly Pattern Field Guide by Rick Hafele, Dave Hughes

Paperback - 223 pages (May 1981)


Western Streamside Guide by Dave Hughes

Paperback - 136 pages Revised edition (December 1998)
Hardcover - 136 pages Revised edition (December 1998)